The Challenges for Utilities: 

  • Small and medium commercial customers are hard to reach with traditional DSM program efforts
  • Thermostat settings (set points, schedules) are a huge variable in program performance and challenging to verify
  • HVAC equipment performance is difficult to monitor cost effectively
  • Metering and other EM&V efforts are often not cost effective for smaller customers

Built for Customers, Made for Utilities

BAYweb HVAC and Lighting solutions are made for the commercial DSM portfolio. Our advanced internet thermostat and Light Box hardware provide a robust and affordable base that integrates seamlessly with our Cloud EMS control software to bring the energy savings and control capabilities of traditional energy management systems to a new class of customer. 

Energy and Demand Savings

Cloud EMS replaces the cramped and confusing touch screen menus of programmable thermostats with an intuitive cloud-based control platform accessible from any device with an internet browser and dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS so customers can confidently manage their energy usage for the long term.  

Real-time HVAC Health Monitoring and Alerting

Using an optional duct sensor, Cloud EMS provides real-time HVAC equpiment health monitoring so that customers and program administrators know exactly how HVAC units are performing. When combined with the data capture capability of Cloud EMS, this makes it easy to collect and analyze historical performance data for every HVAC unit equipped with BAYweb. 

The built-in alerting functionality of Cloud EMS instantly notifies customers (and/or program administrators) via email and text message when HVAC equipment falls below an optimum performance threshold so that under-performing units can be promptly repaired or replaced. 

The capability allows program staff to cost-effectively establish baselines for equipment performance and subsequently measure the impacts of targeted maintenance or retrofit programs. 

Optimized for Multi-Location Control and Monitoring

The scalability of Cloud EMS makes it easy to manage 10 or 10,000 customer sites for trial, pilot program, or large scale deployment. 

Customer sites can be grouped by size, business activity, or other attributes to allow for treatment and control groups as well as real-time EM&V.  

 Robust Monitoring and Reporting Capability

The data collection capabilties of Cloud EMS allows makes it simple to monitor key performance metrics on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis, including: 

  • Equipment runtime
  • Temperature set points
  • Adherence to programmed schedule
  • Weather conditions