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Schools & Institutions

The Challenges for Schools and Institutions: 

  • Often involves several building styles and ages on same campus, with mix of HVAC equipment, making it hard to maintain efficiencies
  • Variable operating hours from building to building and inconsistent schedules at each
  • Operating budgets are under fire, while the line item for energy costs is particularly high

The BAYweb solution:

Managing equipment throughout a school district or institutional properties involves dozens of HVAC and refrigeration units in facilities with highly variable needs and schedules. With limited control or performance data, facility managers can spend a lot of time responding to complaints and breakdowns.

BAYweb gives you the centralized control necessary to remotely monitor and manage your equipment, thereby reducing energy consumption and optimizing comfort. Even more importantly to schools and institutions, BAYweb delivers real-time system performance data so you can identify the specific units throughout your campuses that require attention – before they malfunction. This can be the difference between minor maintenance costs and emergency repair or replacement costs.

Our integrated energy management system for schools and institutions provides HVAC, refrigeration and lighting control within BAYweb’s Cloud EMS command center, which you can access from any device.

Once BAYweb is installed onsite, there are no additional charges or recurring fees to operate it or access our Cloud EMS command center.

Learn more about how BAYweb is being used at schools and institutions throughout the U.S.: