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The Challenges for Retail: 

  • Long hours of operations put heavy demand on HVAC equipment and energy consumption
  • Multiple facilities and geographic locations make it hard to identify best energy management policies and enforce local compliance
  • Highly competitive operations that require maximizing margin from every square foot

The BAYweb solution:

With multiple stores in a chain, retailers typically have dozens or hundreds of HVAC units for which they have limited, if any, control or performance data.

BAYweb gives you the centralized control necessary to reduce energy consumption and optimize comfort for your customers and employees. Even more importantly, BAYweb delivers real-time system performance data so you can identify the specific units throughout your chain that require attention -- and the ones that don’t. This can be the difference between minor maintenance costs and emergency repair or replacement costs.

BAYweb Cloud EMS give users access from all of their devices to easily control and manage HVAC and lighting for all their stores.

Cloud EMS comes with all BAYweb hardware. There are no additional charges or recurring fees to for using Cloud EMS. 

Learn more about how BAYweb is being used at retail facilities throughout the United States:

  • National Paint Retailer: A National paint retailer installed BAYweb at more than 3,300 locations across the country to take control of their HVAC assets and dramatically reduce equipment service and maintenance costs. 
  • Sunset Ford: Family-owned car dealership uses BAYweb to make sure it's always a comfortable temperature in the showroom while also maximizing energy savings.