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The Challenges for Restaurants: 

  • Low margins place emphasis on cost control
  • Energy is a disproportionately high-cost line item due to customer comfort requirements and foodservice/kitchen equipment
  • Part-time workforce makes it hard to implement best energy management policies at the individual facility level
  • Significant spoilage and liability risk of refrigeration inefficiency or failure

The BAYweb solution:

As a foodservice operator, you can easily have dozens of refrigeration units and hundreds of HVAC units for which you have limited, if any, control or data.

BAYweb gives you the centralized control necessary to reduce energy consumption and optimize comfort for your customers and employees. Even more importantly to foodservice operators, BAYweb™ delivers real-time system performance data so you can identify the specific units throughout your chain that require attention – like an underperforming cold-storage unit. This can be the difference between minor maintenance costs and the expense and disruption of food spoilage or emergency repair or replacement.

Our integrated energy management system for foodservice operators provides HVAC, refrigeration and lighting control within BAYweb’s Cloud EMS command center, which you can access from any device.

Once BAYweb is installed onsite, there are no additional charges or recurring fees to operate it or access our Cloud EMS command center.

Learn more about how BAYweb is being used at restaurants throughout North America: