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The Challenges for Offices: 

  • Multiple locations spread over diverse climate areas make it challenging to optimize energy management while maintaining comfort for employees and customers


The BAYweb Office Solution:

With anywhere from dozens to thousands of HVAC units in their buildings, office owners and operators are typically unable to efficiently monitor and maintain their equipment. The result is large energy bills and unexpected service and replacement costs that eat into the bottom line.

BAYweb gives you the power to control and monitor your HVAC and lighting across all of your offices intelligently and efficiently so that you can reduce your energy costs and avoid unnecessary service and equipment replacement. BAYweb Cloud EMS gives you real-time performance data for all of your HVAC equipment, so that you can identify specific, poorly performing units and take action before failure occurs.

Cloud EMS can also control your interior and exterior lighting, so that the lights are only on when you want them to be. Cloud EMS is accessible from any device with an internet browser, putting you in control from wherever you are.

Once BAYweb is installed, there are no additional or recurring charges to operate it or use Cloud EMS. 

Learn more about how BAYweb is being used in offices throughout the United States:

  • Baja Auto Insurance: Regional auto insurance business with multiple offices throughout the Southwest.