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Monitoring Solutions

Reduce Your Operating Costs

With real-time equipment health monitoring and remote temperature monitoring for key assets like walk-in coolers and freezers, BAYweb Cloud EMS reduces operating costs by identifying poorly performing equipment so that it can be repaired. This reduces energy costs and makes emergency equipment replacement and product spoilage a thing of the past. 

Remote Temperature Monitoring and Alerting

In addition to monitoring HVAC equipment health, Cloud EMS can also monitor the temperature of key assets or locations such as:  

  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Hot water heaters
  • Server rooms
  • Anything else with an air or water temperature

Walk-in coolers and freezers are critical business assets for restaurant and convenience store operators. BAYweb protects against product spoilage and gives operators peace of mind with 24/7 remote temperature monitoring and alert notifications via text and email. 

How It Works

Every BAYweb Professional Thermostat has the ability to monitor three external temperature inputs. This means that one BAYweb Professional Thermostat can independently monitor three different coolers, freezers, or cold rooms using BAYweb moisture-sealed temperature sensors.

Monitoring and Alerting

Once installed, BAYweb temperature sensors provide 24/7 monitoring of key refrigeration assets via Cloud EMS, the cloud-based BAYweb control platform. Cloud EMS is accessible from any device with an internet browser or via the BAYweb iOS and Android mobile apps.

Each temperature sensor input can be independently configured so that Cloud EMS sends an alert if the temperature exceeds a set threshold (e.g. If a walk-in cooler temperature exceeds 45 degrees, Cloud EMS automatically sends a text and/or email alert to a store manager or facilities manager with the location ID). 

Saving Money with BAYweb

Given the average value of the food and beverage products in a restaurant or convenience store cooler or freezer, the cost of spoilage due to failed equipment is often significant. The business impact is even greater if the restaurant or store has to close for equipment repairs. BAYweb protects against spoilage and business interruption by immediately notifying operators of equipment failure or malfunction so that they can take action and continue operations with minimal impact.

 The avoided cost of food spoilage and business interruption in a single instance is usually greater than the cost of buying and installing BAYweb. Put another way, if BAYweb prevents food spoilage or business interruption just once, it has already paid for itself. 

Real-Time HVAC Health Monitoring and Alerting

BAYweb Cloud EMS converts your “dumb” HVAC unit from a potential liability into a closely watched capital asset with real-time equipment health monitoring. Cloud EMS equipment health monitoring saves money, energy, and time by quickly identifying poorly performing HVAC units and automatically sending text or email alerts to the operator for timely repairs or replacements. 

Read our HVAC health monitoring App Note to learn more about the benefits of real-time equipment health monitoring. 

Fast ROI; No Recurring Cost

For most facilities, costs will be recouped by energy savings alone (not to mention equipment failure detection) in about one year.  And, you’ll achieve those savings year after year without any additional fees or charges.