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Beyond HVAC

The BAYweb Light Box gives you the power to easily access and control all of your lighting from wherever you are, using Cloud EMS.

BAYweb Lighting Control

Take control of your lighting with the BAYweb Light Box

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The BAYweb Light Box is a standalone lighting controller that brings Cloud EMS control to interior, exterior, and parking lot lighting. The BAYweb Light Box can control up to five circuits with four configurable activity periods and scene selection. The sixth circuit in the Light Box utilizes automatic sunset and sunrise times to optimize outdoor or exterior lighting control according to local sunset and sunrise times. 

The BAYweb Light Box makes it easy to add intelligent lighting control to your facility. When combined with BAYweb HVAC control, the Light Box gives you a complete, cloud-based energy management solution for a fraction of the cost of a traditional EMS system. Seamless Cloud EMS integration means that regardless of how many locations or combinations of HVAC and lighting you need to control, BAYweb has you covered.


Fast ROI; No Recurring Cost

For most facilities, costs will be recouped by energy savings alone (not to mention equipment failure detection) in about one year.  And, you’ll achieve those savings year after year without any additional fees or charges.