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HVAC Solutions

Intelligent Efficiency

BAYweb is the smart way to control your HVAC and maximize energy efficiency in your building. Every BAYweb thermostat includes the Cloud EMS platform, which gives you anytime-anywhere control and monitoring capability for all of your facilities, all without any monthly fees or subscriptions. 

Maximize Savings with BAYweb

Powerful Control

Compared to traditional programmable thermostat solutions, BAYweb gives you the powerful and intuitive control you need to meaningfully reduce energy costs: 

Internet Thermostat

  • The visual scheduling tool makes it easy to create and modify schedules that accurately reflect building occupancy and use
  • Keypad lockout tools allow operators to reliably restrict set point changes by users or employees wihout the need for a lock box
  • The event tool makes it incredibly simple to temporaily deviate from the programmed schedule for irregular closures or openings (holidays, sales events, etc.) 

Reduced Operating Costs

Cloud EMS gives you 24/7 monitoring of your HVAC equipment and immediate notifications of poorly performing units. This reduces operating costs in two ways:

  1. Reduced energy costs due to unidentified poorly performing units
  2. Avoided costs for “emergency” HVAC repair and replacement 

Reduced Energy Costs

Of all the BAYweb customers who have installed a duct sensor with their Professional Thermostat, approximately 10 percent immediately identified at least one failed or failing HVAC unit using Cloud EMS. Before BAYweb, these units were turned on, using energy, and costing hundreds, or in some cases thousands, of dollars per month to run, but they were not actually heating or cooling the spaces they were supposed to.

Read our HVAC health monitoring App Note to learn more about the benefits of real-time equipment health monitoring. 

Avoid Emergency Equipment Replacement

Identifying poorly performing units before they fail completely can also eliminate the need for costly emergency service on HVAC units, which is typically two to three times the hourly rate of scheduled, non-emergency service. In most cases, the savings of avoiding emergency service even once is enough to pay for BAYweb. 

Remote Temperature Monitoring and Alerting

In addition to monitoring HVAC equipment health, Cloud EMS can also monitor the temperature of key assets or locations such as:  

  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Hot water heaters
  • Server rooms
  • Anything else with an air or water temperature

If any monitored temperatures deviate from your configured temperature range, Cloud EMS will immediately send an email or text message to key personnel such as store managers, facilities managers, or the IT department so that issues can be remedied before they become serious and costly problems. 

Pro Stat Spec Sheet


HVAC Hardware

For detailed information and specifications of the BAYweb Internet Thermostat, please see the product specification sheet

Fast ROI; No Recurring Cost

For most facilities, costs will be recouped by energy savings alone (not to mention equipment failure detection) in about one year.  And, you’ll achieve those savings year after year without any additional fees or charges.