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Cloud EMS: Scalable Energy Management for Everyone

BAYweb Cloud EMS builds on over 30 years of Bay Controls technology to bring big-building energy management to commercial, educational, and institutional customers. Whether you have one location or thousands, Cloud EMS gives you the power to easily control and monitor your HVAC and lighting equipment from anywhere you have an internet connection, all for a fraction of the cost of a traditional energy management system.

Energy Optimization

Control MonitorAccess Cloud EMS from anywhere you have an internet connection with our browser-based platform and mobile apps.

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With an intuitive interface and highly flexible controls, Cloud EMS gives you the power to take control of your energy use, reduce operating costs, and monitor what's important to you. 

  • Use the Energy Profile feature to establish settings for common building types, regions, and comfort requirements to easily manage large groups of buildings
  • Set minimum and maximum limits for local override adjustment, along with override time limits to prevent prolonged use.  Override tracking and reporting assists in balancing automation with comfort.
  • Schedule exceptions to your normal operations in the Event Scheduler tool, helping to maximize energy savings.  With Event Scheduler you can schedule an unoccupied set-point for a period of time, or schedule a change from heat to cool on a given date.
  • Customize dashboards with real-time actionable data to prevent the wasted energy of operating at higher set points to compensate for inefficient or failing equipment
  • Automate text alerts to tell you when your HVAC equipment is losing performance, helping you avoid critical and costly repair situations.

Real-Time HVAC Health Monitoring and Alerting

BAYweb Cloud EMS converts your “dumb” HVAC unit from a potential liability into a closely watched capital asset with real-time equipment health monitoring. Cloud EMS equipment health monitoring saves money, energy, and time by quickly identifying poorly performing HVAC units and automatically sending text or email alerts to the operator for timely repairs or replacements. 

Using the temperature reading from the duct sensor (installed in the supply duct) and the temperature of the inlet air (typically the indoor air temperature), Cloud EMS calculates the following equipment health metrics:

  1. Heating/Cooling Health (Overall health of the unit)
  2. Heating/Cooling Efficiency (Ability to heat or cool inlet air)
  3. Heating/Cooling Reliability (Probability that the unit will fail to function effectively the next time it is turned on) 

A note about security

Some experts think that cloud-based EMS systems are vulnerable to hacking, creating a risk for damaging attacks. While this may be true for wireless systems, the BAYweb control module is wired directly into your router, thus eliminating any networking problems and security risks.