BAYweb Internet Thermostats

Intelligent, Cloud-Based HVAC Control for Corporations, Small Businesses and Homeowners

Control and monitor every thermostat in all of your locations, easily and affordably, with the BAYweb internet thermostat.  Wherever you have Internet access, anytime, anywhere, remotely operate one or thousands of thermostats from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With BAYweb thermostats you effortlessly save time, money, and energy.

A Revolutionary Idea in Smart Internet Thermostat Design

BAYweb Internet Thermostats look different because they are different. This simple keypad is the new face of web-based energy management. BAYweb thermostats are changing the game in HVAC control, saving substantial energy, money, and time for corporations, small businesses, and homeowners nationwide.

Choose From Three Smart Internet Thermostats

BAYweb offers three models of Internet thermostats: Standard, Advanced, and Professional. Each with varying features and functions designed to work with specific HVAC systems. The model comparison chart lists attributes of the three thermostats to help you identify the best model for your needs. For model specific product literature sheets and user manuals visit the BAYweb support page.

Easy Installation with Plug-and-Go Networking

BAYweb Thermostats are designed to install yourself in about 30-minutes. The BAYweb control module mounts near your furnace and plugs into a standard 110 outlet. (It can also be powered by the furnace if the furnace or A/C have a “C” wire.) Plug the Ethernet cable from your router into the thermostat. Turn the power to your furnace back on to finish installation. Because the control module plugs directly into your router there are no networking problems or security risks. It’s all plug-and-go!

Control from Anywhere with BAYweb Cloud Services

Once installed, visit to create your BAYweb account and control the thermostat from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Anytime, anywhere choose heating, cooling, and other settings based on your lifestyle, geographical location, and comfort level. Your BAYweb account and mobile app are free. No additional charges or recurring fees. Your HVAC control and data are accessible through the BAYweb system. Over the Internet, the BAYweb system delivers total control of your thermostat and any compatible equipment connected to it. Change your settings from anywhere you have Internet access.

Need More Information?

Have other questions about selecting the right BAYweb internet thermostat for your application? Visit the FAQ page or email our helpful sales and support team.